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Scott Barnes
Scott Barnes

Providing high-quality land services, Scott Barnes has been doing timber harvesting, house lot clearing, and view cutting in New Hampshire for 20 years.

Whether you need trees cut on a small property or are doing land development over hundreds of acres, Scott can handle the task. Let him show you how view cutting can transform your property, or how you can earn revenue from a timber harvest.

*** Free appraisals and consultations ***

Barnes Land Services offers:

  • timber harvesting
  • house lot clearing
  • land development
  • view cutting
  • firewood
  • trail and footbridge building
  • lawn care services
  • garden care services

Scott works out of Lyman, NH. He has been in business for 20 years and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

Barnes' service area includes Littleton, NH and the surrounding region:

Contact Info

Call 603.838.6104
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Barnes Land Services
120 Bobbin Mill Road
Lyman, NH 03585

  • Bath, NH
  • Bethlehem, NH
  • Franconia, NH
  • Haverhill, NH
  • Landaff, NH
  • Lisbon, NH
  • Littleton, NH
  • Lyman, NH
  • Monroe, NH
  • Sugar Hill, NH
  • Woodsville, NH
  • Twin Mountain, NH (Carroll, NH)

Call: 603.838.6104   |   Email Scott

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